Academic Matters


Nursery School

The Nursery school follows their own theme-based curriculum where the children learn through play and through formal learning activities. Their day is divided into ring times, physical activities, creative activities, educational games, work stations and formal work.
The ultimate goal is to ensure that each learner develops the skills and maturity to progress to formal learning.

Primary and High School
The Academy uses the National Curriculum Statement called CAPS as its guideline. We do not follow a Christian Curriculum, but we teach from a Biblical World-View.
We live in this world, and our children need to know how to answer questions, understand the TRUTH in God’s word, and live for Jesus in any calling and vocation God has placed on their lives, whether it be in business, commerce, education, health or entertainment in any country of this world.

Our children should be a beacon of God’s light!


The following subjects are taught in each phase:

Foundation Phase:

English (Home language)
Gr 1 - 3 Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
Xhosa (Second Additional Language)
Life Skills
Dancing & Singing

Intermediate Phase:

English (Home Language)
Gr 4 – 6 Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
Natural Science and Technology (NS & T)
Social Science (SS) (Geo & Hist)
Life Skills
Computer Literacy (non examinable)

Senior Phase:

English (Home Language)
Gr 7 – 9 Afrikaans (Additional Language)
Natural Science (NS)
Social Science (SS)
Economic and Management Science (EMS)
Technology (Tech)
Creative Arts (CA)
Life Orientation
Computer Literacy

FET Phase:

Compulsory subjects:
Gr 10-12 English (Home Language)
Afrikaans (Additional Language)
Life Orientation
Pure Maths/ Mathematical Literacy
Bible (non-examinable)

Choice of subjects: One subject is to be chosen from each band:

 Band 1  Band 2  Band 3
 Accounting  Business Studies  CAT
 Consumer Studies  Life Sciences  Physical Sciences
 History  Tourism


* Please note that subjects may change for Grade 10s based on aptitude of current learners. 

* Learners who wish to change subjects must see the HOD.