About Us

El Shaddai Christian Academy was born from the Port Alfred Christian Centre (Now known as Word of Truth Ministry) in 2005. Pastors Dalys Sparg and Dave and Kathy van Breda were the founders of the school.  They gave up some of their office space and divided the church’s youth hall into classes. 

Renè Payne is the founding member and was and currently is the principal of the school.  Julie-Anne Smith and Elizabeth Parker were our first teachers when the school opened in January 2005, with 7 learners to share between the principal and these two teachers.

The school soon grew in numbers and the amount of learners could no longer be contained on the church’s premises.

In 2013, God made plans for us to move to our present facilities, so in January 2014, we began our school in rented buildings at Green Fountain Resort.  God provided finances and we were able to purchase property on Green Fountain in 2015.

Our school, at present, accommodates learners from Grade RRR – Grade 12. We now look forward to building new classrooms and beautiful school sports facilities to create a school where each child can grow and develop as a whole child.

Our Vision

El Shaddai Christian Academy aims to provide a quality Christian-based education that will equip young people to make a difference in their world. We instil in children a sense of destiny and purpose in Christ so that they will mature to function as successful, self-sufficient members of the community, understanding their value, thereby valuing others.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, El Shaddai is committed to:

  • Maintaining an orderly, trusting and caring environment with a prevailing warm family atmosphere where teaching and learning takes great value and in which learner’s self-worth can flourish.
  • Teaching curriculum from a Biblical world-view.
  • Cultivating the love of learning and seeking out of knowledge.
  • Celebrating creativity and achievement of learners.
  • Teaching that every person is unique and has been created for a purpose and that as God is sought, His destiny and plans will be revealed.
  • To teach individual responsibility and that all actions have resulting consequences.
  • Evangelism.
  • Community outreach.

Our Values

  • ·We value Jesus Christ as the head of our Academy and therefore:
  • ·Desire to apply God’s truth in our daily lives
  • ·Desire to serve others
  • ·Desire to develop a passion for excellence in all we do
  • ·We value each child as a unique, special person created with destiny and purpose.
  • ·We value relationships with our learners and their families.
  • ·We value partnering with parents.
  • ·We value a sense of community in our school where love, understanding and grace abound. We value active and meaningful learning experiences in our classrooms and Academy.
  • We value learning, collaboration and teamwork as a staff.


The Academy follows the CAPS curriculum. All material taught will have a Christian emphasis and influence. The Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) who help ensure that we maintain academic excellence and advise us of changes in the National Curriculum and National Policy.

The Board

The school has a Parents' Governing Body which meets regularly to discuss issues relating to the school and plans for the future. The members of the governing body are voted on by the parents at the AGM and serve a three year term. The headmistress, secretary, church and teachers as well as parents are all represented on the governing body.



Maintaining an orderly, trusting and caring environment with a prevailing warm family atmosphere where teaching and learning takes great value and in which learner’s self-worth can flourish.

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We recognise that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and that is why we encourage our learners to participate in multiple options for sport.

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We offer multiple opportunities during the year for participation in an array of cultural activities that are both fun and educational

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